Top Security Tips For Your Business From A Professional Locksmith

Posted on July 27th, 2016

A rise in crime and vandalism over the years has led to greater needs for security at business locations. Locksmiths Pyrmont has a team of experts that can advise you how to keep your business premises secure. From advice to installation to 24/7 callouts Locksmiths Pyrmont have you covered. Here are the top security tips for your business from your local professional locksmith.


Limit who has Access to Your Business Premises


Even though you can’t be at your business location 24/7 you will need to trust some of your employees to be able to open and lock up your offices or shop. However, the more keys you have in circulation the more risk you bring to your premises security. You should restrict the number of people who can access your properties. You may also wish to use a keyless entry system. By eliminating the actual key you take away the risk that an employee could have that key stolen or misplace it. A professional commercial locksmith will be able to discuss which options would best suit your business’s needs.


Change the Locks if a Key is Lost


Unfortunately when you use keys there is always the possibility that you may lose it. You never know who could end up finding the key and it’s simply not worth running the risk. If you or an employee misplaces a key then have the locks changed or rekeyed at your earliest convenience with a 24/7 locksmith. Developing a strong rapport with your local commercial locksmith is advisable for these scenarios. It’s reassuring knowing that you have someone on hand who is interested in keeping your business premises secure.


Maintain Your Security System and Locks


Naturally using your locks multiple times a day inevitably causes wear and tear. This should be properly maintained to keep working. A great way of doing this is by using a reputable locksmith to regularly maintain your locks. They can pick up any issues in their early stages and rectify any problems before they breach your security. Once you have found a professional locksmith that you are happy with you could set up a schedule so that it’s one less thing you have to think about.


Keep Up with the Times


There’s more to locks than a simple deadbolt. Locks and security systems are constantly changing and improving. You may wish to explore your master key options whether you stay with keys or move to an electronic system. Master keys can help you restrict access to particular parts of the building so that only people who need to use a particular office can enter it. This enhances the security of your business premises. There are many more ways technology has enhanced security. Contact a trustworthy locksmith to discover what options are available to you and your business.


In order to maintain security at your businesses location you should consider who really needs access. Limit who has codes or keys and is a key is misplaced have the locks rekeyed or changed straightaway. Make sure they are still working at their best regularly with scheduled maintenance checks. Find out if there are more up to date or better ways to keep your business safe. For all of your commercial locksmith requirements contact Locksmiths Pyrmont.